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It's a BeaUTAHful Life

Hi! I'm Cara. I'll be your tour guide on this adventure called life. Well, my life, at least. And really only the pretty parts, let's be honest 😉

While others may prefer to show the yucky 'realities' of life, I've always been drawn toward the beauty in it. Sure, life is messy, but if you choose to surround yourself with beauty -- or see it even when it's not there -- life can be a whole lot more fun.

A Philadelphia native, I spent more than seven years in Washington, DC before moving my husband and infant son out to Utah in search of a better quality of life.

And boy, did we find it!

Almost as soon as we settled in to our new community, I realized I suddenly had plenty of time to pursue the passions that had been bubbling up inside of me for years - nay, decades.

I now spend all of my time outside of work cultivating my talents and developing my skills. It's been a wonderful experience giving back to my new home state through the activities I love most: home decorating, entertaining, and photography.

Welcome to my blog! Follow along as I take advantage of this colorful, beaUTAHful life!