DIY Monogrammed Summer Chargers and Cups


really don't want summer to end.

I mean, I'm totally looking forward to fall (because boots and sweaters), but there's a carefree air about summer that's going to be hard to do without for the next 8 months.

To cling to summer a bit more, I designed these adorable plastic chargers and matching cups with a handmade monogram -- You know, for all that outdoor entertaining I'm sure to do in the next 4 days.

DIY Monogrammed Summer Chargers and Cups

To make these was easy as pie (but not as messy).

I spotted these plates and cups at Target ($0.79 each, baby!), and bought eight of each. Because, you know, I have seven friends. I then found the fanciest font on my Cricut machine and pulled C-M-G together to create our monogram. (That's our couple's monogram, but you can do your own if you don't like sharing your lemonade with others.)

Then, I cut the monogram in two sizes and affixed to the plates and chargers! I used the large monograms for the cups and the small ones for the rim of the plates/chargers.

Seriously, so incredibly easy.

As a note, my nextie bestie Tauni of SnapConf let me know that if you use outdoor vinyl, you can put it through the wash. I'm not planning on using these plates as anything other than chargers, so I opted not to. But keep it in mind if you create your own! I plan to just hand wash these bad boys after I've used them... which won't be a problem since I might not even get to use them for another half a year.

'Scuse me while I go mourn.

What are some ways you've clung to summer in the spirit of DIY? Any fun entertaining plans in these last few days of summer??





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