Non-Traditional Emerald Thanksgiving Tablescape

Fall is my favorite season. But I am not a Fall person when it comes to the decor. I just can’t get on board with the oranges, the reds, the browns, and the yellows that accompany Halloween and Thanksgiving.

So this year for Thanksgiving, I decided to go the jewel tone route and create a non-traditional emerald Thanksgiving tablescape that would reflect the regality of the holiday — but without the hay.

Non-Traditional Emerald Thanksgiving Tablescape

I chose a deep emerald and blue color palette, infused with golds and cotton to give it that Fall flair. Because you don’t need brights yellows and reds to herald Autumn.

There are plenty of ways to convey the emergence of the winter season without relying on the stereotypical pumpkin themes.

The important part of Thanksgiving, after all, is the company.

JK, it’s the food.

Classic blues and golds signal the royalty of the season. Gold silverware helps to make it all look more elegant, and warms up the cooler jewel tones.

Intersperse some winter greens and woodland accents, and you’ve got the perfect non-traditional emerald Thanksgiving tablescape!

Also, if you really need the reds in order for it to feel festive, add the holiday Poinsettia cocktail to your table. Just add cranberry juice to champagne or ginger ale, and you’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time!

Add it to a delightful dessert bar for the full spread!

Are you a Fall decor lover? Or do you crave Christmas during Wintertime?




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