Impromptu Cinco de Mayo

We all know about FOMO, right?

Well, I end up having a weird fear of missing out on holidays — even the small ones.

See, I think everything deserves to be celebrated, so even if you can’t go big for a holiday, that doesn’t mean you should go home.

Unless, of course, home is where you entertain.

Impromptu Cinco de Mayo

This year, on May 5th, I was craving two things: Patio entertainment and tacos.

So I combined the two and tossed up a little patio fiesta with my dear neighbors.

This was an especially significant party for me because, after nearly 2 years in this house (and about 15 years since I lived with my parents), we finally had a yard and a patio. And that meant endless entertaining.

So this would be the start of something very special to me: The lineup of parties I’ve dreamt about since becoming a homeowner for the first time.

We summoned my neighbors, Kerrie and Troy, and had a fun little taco fest.

Troy made his award-winning all natural margaritas (YUM, people. Yum.) and his incredible guacamole, and we chowed down on hard and soft tacos.

I even bought a few of those Jarritos bottles of Mexican soda for flair. And boy am I glad I did! They’re deliciosas! And did you know high fructose corn syrup is outlawed in Mexico?? So every Mexican sweet you eat will be made with real sugar! Fun facts from our neighbors!

After learning of the cane sugar trend in Mexico, my hubby and I have since gone and purchased all things Mexico. Our favorite are these popsicles, sold at both Costco and Sam’s Club. They’re insanely delicious, and come in strawberry, coconut, and mango in each box.

I digress.

Anyway, the point of this post isn’t to shock and awe, but rather to show that you don’t need a ton of planning or money to throw a really meaningful party.

You just need good friends.

And extra guacamole.

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