Showcasing Local Talent

One of my favorite things about hosting events is showcasing local talent. I tend to do this through food, but will include anything I can find that will bring the spotlight to someone’s unique gifts and dedicated commitment to their art.

We’re all given gifts, so why not highlight other people’s!


Showcasing Local Talent

A staple at each of my parties, I had Meaghan of the Sugar House Bakery (@thesugarhousebakery) make the cookies and lavender lemon macarons for my recent Royal Wedding Tea Party.

How perfect are the little “H & M” insignias?! Harry and Meghan would be jealous they didn’t get to taste these beauties.

For oomph, I added a few live flowers to a scrumptious cake from The Chocolate, a local dessert cafe serving delectable goodies daily.

Local watercolor artist and illustrator Natalie Malan painted these breathtaking macarons.

And my girlfriend Ashley (originator of the Living BeaUTAHfully brand) generously offered to bake her incredible mini cakes and cupcakes.


Next time you host an event, see if you can incorporate the talents of people around you. And take note if you see something you like before you plan one! You can always include them at a future event!

In a time when people are tearing each other down, why not focus on lifting each other up, crumb by delectable crumb!



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