Strawberry Nutella Sundae Funday Ice Cream Dessert Crepes

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

When I was in college, we had a Crepe Man at our student union who would make the most delicious crepes you’ve ever imagined.

Sweet or savory, he would load each one with all the fixin’s, and leave your mouth watering before you even got your hands on them.

I seriously still dream about those crepes.

I’ve heard he’s since been replaced with a Sweet Green salad shop (Although this Yelp page suggests otherwise, to the benefit of current students!)

Goes to show you what almost ten years of #health and #priorities will do to a place. [Sad face]

Anyway, I’ve never found a place that could replicate his dessert crepes.

That is, until my hubby and I went to Cancun last month.

We were there for a wedding at the all-inclusive Beach Palace, and on our first day we decided to scope out the venue.

As we walked outside, I glanced to the right and saw my two favorite words: Sweet & Coffee.

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

Yes please! I don’t know what you’re serving, friends, but sign me up!

I climbed the stairs to the little shack and discovered my favorite ever destination: A gelato, crepe, and coffee shop, all in one.

And the angels sang Alleluia.

Mystifying to me, no one else seemed to have discovered this little gem. There was never a line, if there were even other people there in the first place.

No skin off my nose, though! (Other than the stuff that peeled because of the sun. Different storyline.) More treats for me!

I made it a point to visit the Sweet & Coffee shop every day we were there.

I partook in their delicious Café du Monde-esque frappaccinos each morning, and urged the wedding party and friends to visit for delectable summer treats.

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

On the second day, I had a realization: This place had crepes and gelato. Together, you guys. Together.

Do you know what that means? Ice cream dessert crepes, just like the Crepe Man made!

It’s moments like these that make me glad I went to college.

To the barista’s bewilderment, and in super broken 8th grade-level Spanish, I eagerly helped assemble what would become the week’s go-to treat: Strawberry Nutella crepes with coconut gelato and caramel sauce.

You know how they say you gain 5-10 pounds when you go on a cruise or to an all-inclusive resort?

Well, because of these things, that estimate was low. Way low.

But so worth it, guys.

When I got back to Utah after the gorgeous wedding, I obviously went into withdrawal.

I mean, I had rekindled a flame that had been fizzling out for nearly a decade, right??

And then it hit me: I can make my own gelato dessert crepes!

Hashtag life changer.

And so I did. I give you…

Strawberry Nutella Sundae Funday Ice Cream Dessert Crepes

These things are so super easy to make. (Duh. I don’t do difficult.)

First, you’ll need the following ingredients:

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

2 eggs

1 tablespoon sugar

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 1/2 cups flour

2 cups milk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 teaspoon salt

A ton of Nutella

Vanilla Talenti gelato (Or any ice cream you prefer. We did coconut and coffee in Cancun!)

Large plastic cup (The larger the better, amiright?)

Griddle or stovetop pan





Caramel sauce

Shredded coconut flakes

Crushed pistachio nuts

Mini chocolate chips

(Any other dessert decorations you like – The possibilities are endless!)


Now, you’ll want to make your crepes.

I’ve made crepes for my husband since we first started dating almost 6 years ago, so I was lucky I had this recipe in the bag.

Since the ingredients are so simple (you really only need eggs, milk, and flour…), I switch things up every time I make them — And they always come out delicious!

First, mix the dry ingredients together, followed by the wet ingredients, and then combine the two and mix again.

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh


Then, pour your crepe mixture onto the griddle and smooth it into a circle using a regular or icing knife.

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

Once your crepes are cooked through on the griddle or pan, spread Nutella on them. And don’t skimp. Nobody puts Nutella in a corner.

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

Now, fold each crepe in half until the Nutella is hidden, and then fold them in half again.

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

(If you prefer the more traditional crepe look, you’ll want to fold them in half and then into thirds so they form one triangle. Either way works!)

Once you’ve folded your crepe, you can insert it into your cup, and let the layering begin!

To add a dash of flair, you can prep your cup by lining it with caramel sauce.

Do this by tipping it sideways and drizzling the sauce into any pattern you like as you twist the cup in a full circle. (This is also a stellar technique for milkshake glasses).

I opted for two Nutella crepes, layered with strawberries, but you do you, my friend. You do you.

At some point in your decorating, though, you’ll definitely want to make sure you add your Talenti vanilla gelato.

Wouldn’t be an ice cream dessert crepe without the ice cream!

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

Add just a dollop or half the pint. No one’s judging you here.

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

The contrast of the warm crepe and melty Nutella with the ice cold gelato will have you singing That’s Amore with every bite.

(And if you black out in bliss and wake up to find the gelato’s disappeared, go ahead and add more. You deserve it.)

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

Sundae Crepes - Politics to PlayDoh

And that, my friends, is how you do Sundae Funday, Crepe Man style!

What do you like to add to your dessert crepes?? Are you on Team Talenti or Team Halo Top? (i.e. Protein or Pleasure?) 😉





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